Book My Diamond

Book My Diamond (BMD) is a Diamond Retail Solution for Retail Jewellers. BMD offers a wide variety of features and diamonds to improve the experience of an end-customer and the jewellery retail staff at the counter. It is essential for any diamond salesperson to help the end-customer with all information of diamonds whether it be Shapes, Colors, Carats, Clarities, Cuts etc. or Pricing. BMD Retail Dashboards provide +1,50,000 diamonds certified from GIA, IGI & HRD with instant availability and price for any end-customer to browse, choose a diamond which speaks to their heart and fits their budgets on the spot!

A retail jeweller wants to satisfy the end-customer by answering all their questions when it comes to quality and pricing. BMD's Live Inventory helps the retailer to instantly answer all these questions of the end-customer and help the end-customer purchase a beautiful and brilliant diamond in the first visit itself!